Swiss police are searching for a 36-year-old man they described as “dangerous” who this morning shot and killed two people at two different locations in the city of Sion, opening fire on them in the crowd.

“According to the first verifications, the perpetrator knew the victims“, the police of the canton of Valais (southwest) said in a statement.

The police mobilized a significant force in order to arrest the perpetrator of the shootings.

Such incidents are rare in Switzerland.

The police also called eyewitnesses to give information for his identity and to publish his photo.

However, he clarified that “this man is dangerous and under no circumstances should you try to capture him yourself or approach him».

According to the information released by the police, shortly before 08:00 (09:00 Greek time), this man shot in the direction of several people in Sion, in the Alps region.

“Two people died and another was injured,” the police said, clarifying that his motives still remain unknown.

The canton’s prosecutor’s office launched a murder investigation on his part.