British journalists receive death threats from Russia over Valieva


Journalists who broke the news that the skating rider miracle girl, 15-year-old Russian Kamila Valieva, tested positive for doping, said they were receiving threats to their lives and warnings to “control their tea”.

In fact, a British journalist who asked Valieva on Friday if she was doped was met with strong criticism from members of the Russian parliament.

Such was the anger of Russia when journalists Duncan McKay and Michael Pavit of the site Inside the Games published the news, accusing them of lying.

They themselves confirmed that they are receiving harassment and life-threatening messages.

Mackay received a message on Twitter that typically said: “And you will be positive when you discover some” new “substances in your tea.” When he did not answer that he did not drink tea, they told him that “fortunately you know what bankruptcy is like. Get ready to experience it again. “

Valieva, on the other hand, refused to make any statement to reporters, who were suddenly found surrounded by Russians accusing them of “unacceptable questions to a 15-year-old.”


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