A well-intentioned, humorous “against» for the correct way of preparing it of tea arose between her US Embassy in London and her British government.

The “episode” started when American chemist Michelle Francl said the “perfect” tea involved a pinch salt and a little twisted lemon.

Anticipating British… displeasure, the US Embassy in London was quick to humorously clarify that the “adding salt to the British national drink is not official United States policy. And it will never happen.”

“We cannot stand idly by, as such an outrageous proposal threatens the very foundations of our special relationship,” the US embassy announced on X (formerly Twitter). However, he concluded: “The US Embassy will continue to make tea the right way – by microwaving it».

The announcement of the American embassy caused the immediate reaction of the British governmentwhich issued an official statement: “We value our special relationship, however, we must wholeheartedly disagree… The tea can only be prepared with kettle».