Thousands of people are protesting in London today to demand a ceasefire in Gaza, after more than five months of a devastating war between Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement in the Palestinian enclave.

Starting from Hyde Park Corner, in the center of the British capital, the demonstrators, responding to the organization’s call “Palestine Solidarity Campaign“, they plan, in the presence of strong police forces, to complete their march in front of the American embassy, ​​where a stage has been set up for speeches.

Holding Palestinian flags, the crowd chanted the slogan “Freedom in Palestine” and called for a ceasefire to be implemented “now”, denouncing the more than 30,000 deaths caused by Israeli strikes, according to Palestinian organization authorities.


Some held placards that read slogans such as “Stop the war on Gaza” or “Stop the genocide‘, but also ‘from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean)’, a controversial slogan associated by some with the destruction of Israel.

The police, accused by some politicians on the right wing of the ruling conservative party of appearing conciliatory to the protestersassured that she will do her job “without fear” and will remain “independent, impartial” defending at the same time “the democratic right” to the demonstration.

“These demonstrations are turning into hate marches against Israel and we think that’s enough,” complained Itai Galmandi, an organizer of a counter-demonstration in London today, as reported by the PA news agency.