His intense concern about Israel’s planned attack in the city of Rafa of the southern Gaza Strip, where more than half of the 2.3 million inhabitants of the Palestinian enclave have found refuge, he expressed on Saturday Olaf Solz before the two-day trip to the Middle East.

“There is a risk that a general attack on Rafah will result in many terrible civilian casualties, which is strictly prohibited”, warned the chancellor.

Soltz will travel to Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba today Saturday to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah tomorrow, Sunday, before taking a plane to Israel to meet with the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The chancellor Soltz appealed today to Israel to allow humanitarian aid access to Gaza on a larger scale.

“It is essential that aid reaches Gaza on a larger scale now. It will be an issue I will have to discuss as well,” Soltz told reporters ahead of his trip.

The German Air Force announced that it had dropped pallets with four tons of humanitarian aid by air today in the enclave.

“Every package counts. But airdrops are just a drop in the ocean,” the Foreign Ministry said in a post on social media X.

At a crucial time with humanitarian aid having arrived in Gaza by sea from Larnaca on the ship Open Arms and while the German partnership in the humanitarian airlift to Gaza is underway, Olaf Scholz travels to the Middle East again, Deutsche comments Well.

This is his second visit to the region following the Hamas terrorist strike in Israel on October 7, 2023, after a brief stopover initially in Jordan, from where the US and France have already launched their own humanitarian airlifts to Gaza’s nearly two million residents.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Analena Burbock, is also pushing in the direction of strengthening humanitarian aid, speaking in fact of risk of humanitarian disaster, referring to the recent attack on Rafa.

“An immediate humanitarian cease-fire is needed so that even more people do not die and for the hostages to be released,” says Analena Burbock in a related post on the X platform.

At the same time, the German Foreign Ministry even proposes to Israel to open the port of Ashdod in order to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea, because the improvised jetty in Gaza does not seem to be sufficient in the long term.