The level of the Ural River in the Russian city of Orenburg reached 11 meters and 29 cm, the regional authorities announced today, from 10.87 meters that was a day earlier.

Orenburg is battling rising water levels after major rivers across Russia and Kazakhstan overflowed, causing the worst flooding in the regions in almost a century.

Hundreds of houses in Orenburg were flooded overnight, the RIA news agency quoted Deputy Mayor Alexei Kudinov as saying.

He stated that the situation is expected to peak today and the waters to begin receding in two days.

The village of Kaminskoge, in Russia’s Kurgan region, was evacuated today in the morning after the water level rose overnight by 1.4 meters, regional governor Vadim Shumkov announced via the Telegram platform.


Kaminskoge is a settlement along the Tobol River, which also flows through the regional capital Kurgan, a city of 300,000. Shumkov said that Kurgan could be flooded within the next few days.

“We can only hope that the flood water will spread out and that the ground will absorb as much as possible,” the governor said, adding that a dam is being reinforced in Kurgan.

In Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Emergency Situations announced that almost 100,000 people were displaced from their homes due to flooding.

A state of emergency remains in effect in eight of Kazakhstan’s 17 provinces, the ministry added.