“The meeting of the group of countries G7 confirmed the commitment of a concerted effort to defend the system of rules based on international law, which was put at risk by the Russian attack on Ukraine,” said the Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, at the final press conference of the G7 summit, which was organized in Apulia, Lower Italy.

“We mean to continue to support Ukraine and we decided to strengthen our energies, by making efforts in a radius of three hundred and sixty degrees, with a very wide action,” Meloni added.

“Today the peace conference begins in Switzerland, in which Italy also participates. This is because, as the G7, with our solid and decisive support, over the last two years we have enabled the Ukraine its sovereignty”, underlined the head of the government of Rome, speaking to the journalists.

At the same time, Georgia Meloni underlined that “this meeting was clearly crowned with success, something that no one can deny”, while she called “extremely valuable” the participation of Pope Francis, yesterday, in the section dedicated to artificial intelligence.

Finally, the Italian Prime Minister said that the seven economically strongest economies of the West shared the Italian approach to Africa, “with the aim of creating a model that contributes to its development and prosperity”.