Putin has paid off, says the British Minister of Defense


Thanasis Gavos, London

The belief that the invasion of Ukraine will mark the end of Vladimir Putin on the international stage, was expressed in recent radio interviews by the Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace.

After the morning in TV interviews stressed that the “despair” of the Russian forces In Ukraine it is constantly growing, Mr. Wallace later stressed that even in cities that have surrounded the east, the Russians are unable to invade because they are repulsed by the Ukrainians or counterattack with heavy losses.

On London radio LBC o Ben Wallace He stressed that most of the casualties on the ground had occurred among Russian soldiers “due to poor leadership, poor planning, poor equipment and the arrogance of the Russian leadership.”

Wallace added: “If Putin finally succeeds in invading, and there is now a big ‘if’, the cost to impose occupation and control of Ukraine would be the need for hundreds of thousands of troops, while his army it is already quite worn. In this phase, the occupation phase, (the Russians) would lose even larger numbers of soldiers and slowly but surely his army would be exhausted. “This is something he did not even think about because of his arrogance in believing that somehow the Ukrainians would welcome him as a liberator.”

Asked in an interview on talkRADIO If Putin wins, the British Defense Secretary replied: “He has already lost. “Whether he loses in Ukraine or loses in the long run, he is finished, he is paid.” As he explained, now only Kim Jong Un in North Korea will pick up the phone to talk to him.

In the Times Radio He reiterated: “Whatever happens, President Putin is paid off in the world and it is over, his army is over and he must recognize that.” He added that the international community has united against him and that Putin’s stance will now cause great economic hardship to the Russian people.

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