“Niet” to Putin: Berlin and Rome do not accept payment for gas in rubles


Berlin and Rome they say “no” in Vladimir Putin’s ultimatum for payment of gas in rubles. The German Minister of Economy notes that such a thing would be a breach of contract, while the financial adviser of the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi stresses that the payments will continue to be made in euros, because otherwise the sanctions would be bypassed.

Vladimir Putin earlier ordered Gazprom to convert oil and gas contracts with “enemy countries” in rubles to strengthen the currency that is in free fall after the war in Ukraine.

The Russian newspaper Kommersant reports: “In Putin’s view, the supply of Russian goods to the EU and the US and the payment in dollars and euros” makes no sense to us. ”

Reacting to the news the russian currency strengthened on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

American and European officials had “intense conversation” to reduce dependence on Russian energy ahead of emergency summits in Brussels this week, a White House spokesman said.

Europe is heavily dependent on Russia for oil and gas. In 2021, 2/5 of the gas used by Europeans came from Russia. More than 1/4 of the EU’s imported crude oil comes from Russia.

The Russian space agency Roscosmos It also announced Wednesday night that it intends to conclude all its “foreign” contracts in rubles, following a earlier statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin that his country would no longer accept payments in dollars or euros for deliveries. gas supply in the EU.

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