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Kyiv for Abramovich: No Ukrainian negotiator was poisoned


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The reports of the American newspaper Wall Street Journal about the poisoning of two Ukrainian negotiators were denied by the adviser of the Ukrainian presidency Mikhail Pontolyak.

The Wall Street Journal reported that three participants in the Ukraine-Russia talks showed symptoms of poisoning on March 3. Between the two Ukrainian diplomats, and the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

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In a comment to the Hromadske news agency, Mikhail Pontolyak dismissed the reports as “speculation”, adding that all Ukrainian negotiators “They work as usual”.

Pontoliak also said that “many speculations, various conspiracy theories are being made”.

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At the same time, Rustem Umerov, another member of the Ukrainian negotiating team who was alleged to have been poisonedurged people not to trust “unverified information”.

His representative Roman Abramovich confirmed on Monday that the Russian oligarch had symptoms of poisoning earlier this month after meeting with Ukrainian negotiators to discuss peace talks in Kyiv. He did not specify who else was the target, or the source of the attack.

Meeting in Moscow with him Vladimir Putin had in the meantime o tycoon last Wednesday carrying his handwritten note President Zelenskyrevealed the Times.

According to the British newspaper, the Russian tycoon traveled to Moscow on one of his private jets from Istanbul. The note of the Ukrainian President delivered to the Russian President contained a summary of the conditions that Kyiv would accept for the end of the war.

Putin’s initial response, according to the report, was clearly negative: “Tell him I’ll crush them.”

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