Nelson de Sá: ‘Lula receives a warm welcome, unlike Bolsonaro,’ says Bloomberg


On Bloomberg, “Former Brazilian leader Lula receives a warm welcome from the European Union, unlike Bolsonaro” (reproduction below). The trip comes “just days after Bolsonaro appeared isolated at the G20 summit in Rome.”

The former president assured “high level meetings with European authorities”. He has already met in Berlin with the future German prime minister, Olaf Scholz., and in Brussels with the EU’s high representative for the exterior, Josep Borrell. And this Tuesday (16), visit the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.

Der Tagesspiegel from Berlin interviewed Lula and highlighted the statement “We depend on Germany to save the rainforest.” The PT member “charged more commitment [alemão] in the fight against the destruction of the Amazon”, describing what he could do together with Scholz.

In a separate text, citing “the worsening of Covid’s crisis in Germany”, the newspaper itself highlighted that “Lula urges Germans to get vaccinated: ‘I love my life and the lives of others'”.

In addition to the trip to Europe this month, the former president plans to go to the United States in December.


Amidst the negative news about Bolsonaro in the US, from the New York Times to MSNBC and Atlantic, the ambassador to Washington, Nestor Forster Jr., chose to write a letter to the Wall Street Journal, which entitled the post “Brazil responds in defense of its democracy” .

The newspaper had published on Wednesday (10), with front page headlines, the report “Democracy loses popularity throughout Latin America”, comparing Bolsonaro to “authoritarians” in Nicaragua, El Salvador and others. Forster writes:

“The description of Brazil [pelo WSJ] constitutes a serious distortion of the situation in my country. Brazil is one of the world’s largest and most vibrant democracies and a force to tackle critical global challenges such as environmental protection.”


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