Gorbachev: Claiming Nuclear Weapons Can Save the World is a Myth | Skai.gr


The first president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, today called for the demilitarization of world politics and described as a myth the claim that nuclear weapons are a guarantee of peace and security.

Gorbachev, referring to the global threats (pandemic, poverty, water shortage, overheating, etc.), suggested radically changing the existing perception of security, which to date is reduced to the military perception. According to him, all efforts made for the security of the world are doomed to fail, if the governments of the countries continue to “throw huge sums in the competition of armaments, primarily in nuclear weapons.

“Proponents of nuclear deterrence claim that (nuclear weapons) are a guarantee of peace and security, to which I respond and say that it is a dangerous myth that nuclear weapons have saved the world,” Gorbachev said. were the cause of the crisis in the Caribbean in 1962.

In his message, Gorbachev expressed the belief that “it is necessary to demilitarize world politics, international relations, political thought, to rid them of the Damocles nuclear sword.”

Among other things, Gorbachev expressed hope that “real results” would emerge from the talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States in Geneva, where they also discussed the issue of nuclear weapons.

Gorbachev called on members of the World Conference on Leadership on Nuclear Safety and a Nuclear-Free World to take place in Kazakhstan on the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.


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