Canada: Evacuation due to heavy rainfall


Authorities in the southern part of British Columbia, a province of western Canada, have issued evacuation recommendations after heavy rains caused floods and landslides, local officials said today.

“After torrential rains, landslides and floods hit various roads inside British Columbia,” the province’s Home Office and Infrastructure tweeted Sunday night through Monday.

Roads were closed in areas already affected by forest fires this summer.

An urban search and rescue team has been mobilized to rescue more than 10 people trapped in their vehicles due to landslides on a road near Agassiz, about 100 miles east of Vancouver, according to local media. In contact with the French Agency, the local authorities have not responded immediately.

A little further west, the city of Abbotsford issued an evacuation order for more than 100 homes, according to Radio Canada, due to heavy rains, which resulted in landslides and floods.

Merritt authorities, 400 kilometers northeast, have asked residents of a neighborhood near a river to leave their homes immediately, informing them that beds are available at a hostel.

“The heavy rain will continue this morning and will weaken in the afternoon,” Environnement Canada said in a bulletin issued at around 5 a.m. local time (3 p.m. Greek time), predicting an additional 50 millimeters of rain after ” almost 160 millimeters “fell” in the center and east of the Fraser Valley. “


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