Britain: Wallace blames Kremlin and Russian generals for Nazi copy


London, Thanasis Gavos

To copy Nazi will accuse him President Putinhis advisers and generals the United Kingdom Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace in his speech today.

Mr Wallace addresses the National Army Museum in London on the day Moscow the big military parade in Red Square for Victory Day against Nazi Germany during World War II.

According to excerpts from the speech, the British minister will say: “Through their invasion of Ukraine, Putin, his inner circle and his generals now reflect fascism and tyranny from 70 years ago, repeating the mistakes of authoritarian regimes of the last century. “Their fate must also, in the end, be the same.”

I will blame the Russian leadership in essence for insulting the memory of the Russians Opposition to Nazism, saying: “Their unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine, attacks on innocent civilians and their homes and widespread atrocities – including deliberate killings of women and children – are eroding the memory of past sacrifices and the once proud world Russia’s reputation “.

Mr. Wallace will also sharply criticize the commanders of Russian forces in Ukraine for committing war crimes and for their military incompetence.

“Let us point out the ridiculousness of the Russian generals, sparkling in their well-groomed parade uniforms and under the weight of their many medals, which are completely complicit in Putin’s usurpation of their ancestors’ proud history in defense against a ruthless invasion, in repelling “Sacrifice for a higher purpose,” he said, adding that Russian generals had shown “shameful” behavior, including failure, anger, dishonesty and denial of responsibility.

“All professional soldiers should be shocked by the behavior of the Russian army. “Not only has he been involved in an illegal invasion and war crimes, but his leaders have exposed their forces to the point where they have to go to court-martial,” added Ben Wallace.

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