Opinion – Maria Inês Dolci: Dollar keeps Santa Claus away from imported goods


Is it worth shopping on international websites for Christmas? It’s a very reasonable doubt, because the dollar rate against the real is absurdly high, due to the erratic economic policy and the reflexes of Covid-19. It depends on prices, desired products, delivery time, website reliability, warranties and technical assistance in the case of electronics products.

The first step is to find out about local prices, in reais, for the desired products. Once this is done, convert the values ​​into dollars, using the updated quotation, and add the cost of shipping and other fees (information on the website).

Up to US$ 500 (R$ 2,800) —price + any shipping and insurance fees—, a 60% simplified tax will be charged. From US$ 500 to US$ 3 thousand (R$ 16.9 thousand), it will also have to pay ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services) and customs clearance fee.

If the marketplace has representation in Brazil, the transaction security will be much greater. It should be noted that the CDC (Consumer Defense Code) only covers transactions made in Brazil.

In the case of Black Friday, stay tuned (a) to the spawning of products that already have more advanced models. For example, regarding smartphones, the arrival of 5G technology must be considered. That is, whether the device will be compatible with this fifth generation of mobile networks and broadband access. And whether it will work with mobile network technology in the country.

Options for purchasing international items are free shops —stores in special areas of airports or in Brazilian cities bordering countries such as Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, where the products have a reduction or exemption from taxes. In these cases, the advantages are to take the groceries home without shipping costs or waiting for delivery. In addition, you see the product, feel the fragrance of the perfume, try on the clothes or shoes.

Chat with acquaintances, check Facebook groups and complaint sites to see if there are complaints against stores you want to hunt for deals.

A reminder: don’t buy smuggled, illegal products, even at ‘theft’ style fairs. There is no guarantee of quality, taxes are not paid, they can originate from theft, and the money often finances a series of crimes, increasing violence and insecurity for everyone.


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