Pix replaces bank slips in online cash purchases, survey points out


Pix, which turns two years old this Wednesday (16), has taken over the space of boletos in cash payments made over the internet over the last few months.

A study by Mercado Pago indicates that, of every 5 transactions settled in cash over the internet, 4, or 80%, are made through Pix, and 1, or 20%, by bank slip.

Executive responsible for the payment innovation area of ​​Mercado Pago, Felipe Soria says that the ease and efficiency of the tool contributed to the large-scale adoption of Pix, compared to payment via boleto, which takes up to three days to settle, and the context of the pandemic, with measures to restrict the movement of people.

“From the moment Pix entered the scene, it simply dominated the agenda for a very simple matter, that before there was only one payment instrument in cash, which was the boleto, which is very technologically outdated and bad for both who pays how much to who receives”, says Soria.

Data from Mercado Pago also indicate that Pix penetration, considering all types of online payments made through the platform, grew by 7 percentage points in the third quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year, to 23% per year. end of september.

In addition, considering all payment methods, Pix accounted for 1 in 4 online transactions carried out on Mercado Pago in the third quarter of the year.

According to Soria, the credit card is still one of the main alternatives used by consumers to make online payments through the platform. The trend, however, is that, with the development of new fronts of use via Pix, the tool will gain an increasing space within the market in general.

Over the last few months, financial institutions have started to offer personal credit through Pix, allowing users to make purchases in installments through the tool.

In mid-February, Mercado Pago itself started offering the option of Pix in installments, through which the user takes out a personal loan to make the payment in installments.

Pix reaches 26 billion transactions and BRL 12.9 trillion in financial volume in two years

According to BC data, from the launch of Pix on November 16, 2020 until September 2022, 26 billion transactions were made through the instant payment tool, with transaction values ​​of BRL 12.9 trillion.

In addition, statistics show that about 130 million individuals — 70% of the banked population — have made at least one Pix since November 2020.

“Transactions made with Pix continue to rise, revealing the great popular acceptance of the new payment method, which has brought convenience and facilities to customers in their daily financial transactions”, said Isaac Sidney, president of Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Banks ) in note.

A survey carried out by Febraban based on figures from the Central Bank shows that, in September of this year, Pix reached a financial turnover of R$ 1.02 trillion, with an average ticket of R$ 444, while TED, which totaled R$ R$ 3.4 trillion, had an average ticket of R$ 40.6 thousand.

According to Leandro Vilain, executive director of innovation, products and banking services at Febraban, the numbers show that the population is using Pix as a lower-value means of payment, in transactions with self-employed professionals, for example, and also for daily purchases. day, which would be made with physical money. For the specialist, this makes the number of transactions increase at a rapid pace and brings convenience to customers, who no longer need to carry banknotes for small transactions.

Also according to the survey by the federation of banks, almost half of Pix users are in the Southeast region (43%), followed by the Northeast (26%), South (12%), North (10%) and Midwest (9% ). Regarding the age group of users, 64% are between 20 and 39 years old.

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