The increase of the birth allowance from 2,000 euros to 2,400 euros for each first child, to 2,700 euros for the second child, to 3,000 euros for the third child and to 3,500 euros for more than 4 children (large families) the Minister of Social Cohesion and Family announced a while ago Sophia Zacharakis in a press conference granting this time, together with Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakisin the context of which they are announced additional support measures for new parents.

The increase, as said Ms. Sugar it will be retroactive to cover 2023 as well and will be paid from April 2024 in two equal installments.

In order to be granted the birth allowance, the following conditions must be met: the child has been born alive in Greece since 1-1-2020, the equivalent family income not to exceed the amount of 40,000.00 euros per year, the child’s mother or the person who has custody of the child resides permanently and legally in Greece and have the status of a Greek citizen or an expatriate foreigner or a European citizen or a citizen of an EEA state or a citizen of a third country who has resided in Greece continuously since 2012 and from there, as well as submit an application for the grant within three months from birth. From the year 2024 onwards, the third country citizen is required to have resided legally and permanently in Greece for the last 12 years.

“We can give new parents 90 million euros and we are talking about 300,000 parents at a two-year level. This is a government response to accuracy, just like the measures we have already announced. I want to underline that this year seven new measures are being implemented for new parents”said Mr. Hatzidakis for his part.

In particular, the increase by 1,000 euros of the tax-free allowance, the increase of the maternity allowance from 4 to 9 months, the increase of the heating allowance from 3,000 to 5,000 euros for each child, the social allowance, the reform of the payroll in the public sector and the profit ceiling for baby milk.

“These are 14 family support initiatives, 441 million euros from the budget. We are running out of capacity,” he said, adding that the maternity allowance would also increase.

With reference to housing problem, Ms. Zaharakis said that the Renovate-Rent program mainly aims to renovate vacant homes so that they can be rented. Housing benefit has increased this year.

Immediately after the announcement of the measures, the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said in a post: “supporting families with children is our main priority”. “That is why we are increasing the birth allowance permanently and retroactively for births that took place from 1/1/2023. From €2,000 for each child, to €2,400 to €3,500 depending on the number of children”.