In Britain, most likely, the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest for security reasons

In Britain, most likely, the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest for security reasons

EBU officials say there is no chance of the Song Contest being held in the winning country of Ukraine

The organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest consider it almost unlikely to take place in Ukraine, because of the war. According to the British media, the competition will most likely take place in Britain, which was ranked second in this year’s competition.

THE European Broadcasting Union (EBU)who owns the event, said she was in discussions with him Ukrainian public broadcaster on this issue, after the Kalush Orchestra won the competition in May.

However, he said that after considering security issues in the country, which is at war with Russia, there is no possibility of it being conducted there.

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most complex television productions in the world and in which thousands of employees and not only participate. According to the EBU, at least 12 months of preparation are required.

After an objective analysis, the officials concluded that, given the current conditions, the security and operation guarantees required for a broadcaster to host, organize and produce the Eurovision Song Contest, in accordance with ESC rules, are not there can be.

«As a result of this decision, in accordance with the rules and to ensure the continuity of the event, the EBU will now start discussions with the BBC, as runners-up in this year’s competition, for the possible organization of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in the United Kingdom.“, Say the organizers.

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