Linn da Quebrada says goodbye to Brazil in cryptic tweet: ‘Just a spoiler’

Linn da Quebrada says goodbye to Brazil in cryptic tweet: ‘Just a spoiler’

Linn da Quebrada left fans curious after writing a tweet at dawn this Sunday (24) explaining the reason for his disappearance from social networks and supposedly saying goodbye to Brazil. “I’m missing? I’m missing. Soon I’ll explain, or rather, I’ll pronounce myself. Now just a spoiler: goodbye, Brazil”, he said, adorning the tweet with emojis of praying hands, angelic face, white dove and curious eyes.

She explains that she intends to distance herself from the arts and the media for a while and responds to critics who argue that the former BBB is not doing well. “Between us, I love being a subcelebrity [subcelebridade].” However, the singer concludes the tweet with a question that stirred up her admirers even more. “Isn’t there a farewell sertransneja before?”

The former BBB had already shown her interest in partnering with her confinement colleague Naiara Azevedo. The two continued to meet after participating in Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo). “I can’t take it anymore, Naiara, let’s make our music. People are asking, the public is asking,” she said in an audio conversation on WhatsApp with the country singer. “I know we can, me, you, Ark and Björk.”

In the afternoon of this Sunday, the artist continued to pass on the tweet, but implying that the absence in the production of content was due to the recording of a new album. “Let’s ‘assume’ that I was already working on my new album… Assumptions, silly and hot jokes that I love! Who would you guys like to have on it as a feat (surprise me ok?!)”, she wrote. Among the artists requested by fans, Anitta, Letrux, Glória Groove, Seu Jorge, Karol Conká and Manu Gavassi appeared.

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