Royal … trouble: “Chaos” in the house of William-Kate- Quarrels and obsession


Prince William may avoid making revelations about his personal life and especially about the problems he faces, but he recently decided to make the exception and speaking to Time to Walk, the Apple podcast revealed unknown aspects of his life.

Referring to his daily life with Kate Middleton and their children at the Anmer Hall cottage given to them by the Queen as a wedding gift, the prince said: “What surprised me was how much my children have inherited my family’s love. for music. Most mornings there is a fight between Charlotte and George over which song to play. Of course, we intervene and tell them that one day they will choose the other and the other “.

He added: “So one day George starts and then it’s Charlotte’s turn. They have a great love for music. And one of the songs that children love at this time is by Shakira, Waka Waka … There is a lot of shaking. There are also many clothes. Charlotte especially runs to the kitchen with her dresses and ballet flats and everything. She goes completely crazy, with Lewis following her and trying to do the same. It’s a really happy moment, where the kids just enjoy running, doing a joke and singing. “

Among other things, the prince referred to the love of his youngest son, Louis, for tractors. “We have hares running in the field there, fat partridges running over the fence a little further and an orange tractor in front … Louis is obsessed with tractors. He sees it as something very wild but at the same time peaceful. “


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