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These boots are all the rage this year – See where you’ll be spending your salary!


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Leaves are falling, boots are calling! Are you ready to see the most must have boots for fall and beyond?

The time has finally come to renew your autumn collection of shoes and it is understood to invest in must have pieces, which will take you everywhere no matter the weather.

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However, it is good to see this occasion for shopping with a different eye, and to choose shoes and more specifically boots, which will suit both your autumn style and your winter style, maintaining an all time classic attitude, but also colors and materials which you can easily combine with many outfits for every occasion and time of day.

We have selected 9 plans, which you should invest as soon as you can.

#1. Ankle Boots

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Timeless but very beloved, we all had a pair of ankle boots at some point in our lives and wore them for every walk, work or class at university. It is better to choose them in a black shade and in a leather composition so that you can wear them even on the rainiest days.

#2. Knee high boots

They go perfectly with mini dresses and skirts. Plus, they keep you warm when it’s colder.

#3. Boots – platforms

This is a new entry in our collection and it can have various variations. Whether you prefer them with a single sole or with a fiapa by choosing two-legged high-heeled boots like these, it is certain that they also give you extra height points and do not deprive you of your comfort with every step you take.

#4. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are also very popular, they give extra attitude while keeping you elegant and stylish with whatever you wear.

#5. Combat boots

To give a little more rock attitude to every outfit, you can choose the combat boots, either plain or with metallic details, trunks or chains and take off even your most romantic floral dress.

#6. Wellies boots

It’s also those lovely rainy autumn days when you know you’ll have to cross lakes and streams on the way to your destination. For these days, wellies are suitable and we suggest you choose a more different color to give interest to this cloudy day but also for more playful vibes.

#7. Over the knee boots

The sexiest of all boots are the ones that go over your knees and show off your figure.

#8. Stiletto heel

At whatever height you choose them, they are a must have because they are timeless and elegant and go perfectly with an airy or A-line dress.

9. Cowboy boots

The most statement you can get are cowboy boots, since no matter how many years pass they will always be in fashion. Whether you get new ones, or get your mom’s and give vintage vibes to your style, it is certain that you will stand out effortlessly.

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