Narcisa Tamborindeguy talks about her relationship with Boninho: ‘I’m a friend, but I don’t know if he is’


Narcisa Tamborindeguy, 56, married Boninho in 1983 and the two were together for three years. It’s been 36 years since the separation and the relationship with the director of Globo is still a subject that generates a lot of curiosity in people. In an interview with the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, presented by Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme, the socialite opened up about her relationship with the father of her 38-year-old daughter Marianna.

“Are you friends?” asked Ewbank. “I’m a friend, but I don’t know if he is”, replied the interviewee. Fernanda Paes Leme then said that Boninho blocked her on social media and asked her friend for help to end the misunderstanding. Narcissa didn’t think twice and sent a message to her ex: “Boninho, forgive everyone. Stop being silly!”.

She also assumed the desire to participate in Big Brother Brasil, a program directed by Boninho on Globo. “Only at the beginning… I wouldn’t like to live there. You have to share a room with others, a bathroom, take a shower… if you don’t shower one day, it becomes crazy, you’re no good”, joked Narcisa, who still want to have a TV show. “I feel like it. If they give me a program with structure and everything I’m entitled to in a channel, it would be amazing. It would make a travel attraction with interviews”, explained the socialite.

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