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Sia Kosioni talks to the children about the news through “Another History”


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The tale written by the journalist and presenter of Sky’s main newscast when she was asked to talk about her work to her five-year-old son’s classmates

With a fairy tale, the most direct and effective way to talk to children, answered Sia Kosioni to the invitation to talk about her work to her five-year-old son’s classmates. THE Kosioni Co wrote the fairy tale, h Katianna Garavella she put drawings and colors on it and the result, in addition to her son’s class, she shared with her online friends as a “little gift”, as she notes.

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“Today I will give you a present! From these little gifts of heart and love. I was asked by my son’s school to talk to the children about my work, about everyday true stories, called news. As I was thinking about how I would make myself understood, I decided that the best way to explain something to children is through a story. And, just like that, for their sake, I wrote a sweet little fairy tale. So, I’m uploading it, and I hope you moms and dads enjoy it with your little ones! I hope it’s useful…
YG: Thanks to the magical girl Katianna Garavella, who enthusiastically illustrated and wrote her own true story!

See the post and read the sweet tale:

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Read the fairy tale by clicking here

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