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Covid-19: know who are the famous diagnosed with the disease in recent days


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The rise in cases of Covid-19 recorded by Fiocruz in four states (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Amazonas and Rio Grande do Sul) has already reflected in the cultural environment and, in the last few days alone, at least seven artists and celebrities declared have been contaminated.

On the eve of the World Cup, Galvão Bueno tested positive and is hospitalized at Hospital Albert Einstein, in São Paulo. On Saturday afternoon (12), he posted a video on his networks to reassure fans.

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“It’s better to come here. At Einstein I’m recovering, I’m not taking any medication, but I’m exercising twice a day: weight training, cycling, to get to the World Cup in one piece”, he says. This is the second time he has been contaminated. Galvão guarantees that he will go to his last World Cup, but the fact is that the cases of Covid among artists are starting to impact the country’s cultural programming.

The singer Joelma posted a video, also on Saturday, to announce the cancellation of a show she would do in Tocantins. She said that she has Covid for the fifth time. “Inexplicable. I can’t even believe it,” she said.

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For reasons of coronavirus, Chico Buarque also canceled the show he would do this weekend in Salvador. In his case, the frailty was not just physical: he had received the positive diagnosis three days before and, shaken by the death of his friend Gal Costa, on Wednesday (9), he said that, even if he had recovered from the disease, he would not would have emotional conditions to perform on the scheduled dates.

In Rio, last Sunday’s session (6) of the monologue “Virgínia”, starring Cláudia Abreu, was canceled because she also became part of the statistics of those infected in this new wave of Covid. TV Globo, in turn, is already monitoring the cases in its cast, and only in the soap opera “All Flowers” were three casualties: Fabio Assunção, Nicolas Prattes and Leonardo Lima Carvalho. The first two are already recovered.

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