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The Happy Traveler in India – Watch the trailer


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The First Part, on Saturday 3 December at 17.45, on SKAI

A top trip is coming to Happy Traveller on Saturday, December 2 and SKAI viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy impressive images from India.

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Happy Traveler travels as a family to the far away country of Asia and starts the tour from Delhi, the capital city, the mega city, which is the second most populous city in the whole planet.

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They explore new and old Delhi with its historical monuments and chaotic markets. They see the iconic red fort, impressive temples like the Lotus Temple, the Gateway of India, masterfully crafted mausoleums, the Raj Ghat monument dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi and many more.

In a country with such a strong culinary identity and interesting national cuisine, our travelers do not fail to try Indian delicacies – very hot food, street food, local drinks and strange sweets that make them love Indian cuisine a little more.

#happytraveller: travel show from real travelers!

Every Saturday at 17.45, on SKAI

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