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Diogo Nogueira praises Lula and recalls Zeca Pagodinho’s reaction to hearing Grande Rio’s plot


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Manuela Smith

Zeca Pagodinho said he “didn’t want to hear any samba” when he was asked about the samba-enredo in Grande Rio, which will honor him at this year’s Carnival. That’s what the singer Diogo Nogueira tells, in conversation with the F5before going up on stage at Camarote Bar Brahma, early this Sunday (19), in São Paulo.

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The sambista is one of the co-authors, alongside musician Arlindinho Cruz, of the group’s theme. “I went to meet him [Zeca] when we already had the samba ready. We were still in the dispute process [para escolha do samba-enredo]. He said he didn’t want to hear any samba, because he wanted the community [Duque de Caxias, RJ] choose,” recalls Nogueira.

“After a long time, Zeca said: ‘It’s really this samba’. It was a great satisfaction, because he is a great reference for me. It’s been a beautiful moment and it makes me want to be there already [na avenida].”

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Grande Rio parades on Monday (20), and Nogueira’s girlfriend, Paolla Oliveira, will cross Marquês de Sapucaí as the school’s drum queen. “It’s wonderful, it’s all so well put together.”

The couple took over dating in July 2021. Questioned about how not to let the spotlight affect the relationship, he says that talking is fundamental. “That way, the thing is light. It’s no use demanding the other for everything that happens. And we root for each other”, he explains.

The actress even helped her boyfriend in his screen debut. The singer will be in the cast of the series “Desejos SA” (Star+), with recordings already finished, which should be released by the end of this year. “Paolla helped me a lot, a renowned actress who understands a lot about the subject. She couldn’t help but take advantage of the tips and the trickery in the acting thing. It was really a wonderful learning experience”, he describes.

The sambista, who completed 15 years of career last year, says he plans to record a DVD and mentions the artists Criolo and Xamã as guests he would like to receive on stage.


Dressed in a red suit by the brand Dendezeiro, by Pedro Batalha and Hisan from Bahia, Diogo Nogueira says he needs to keep up-to-date and that he has been using designer clothes “to get out of the ordinary”, bringing something new.

Critic of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the singer informs that he follows the new government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in the Presidency, celebrates the recreation of the Ministry of Culture and approves the income tax exemption announced by the government.

“With 50 days of mandate [o presidente eleito fez isso]can you imagine what he will be able to do during these [próximos] four years. Brazil will evolve, it will grow”, she concludes.

Source: Folha

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