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BBB 23: Key Alves reveals that he had sex with Gustavo inside the house: ‘It was sideways’


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Key Alves was the eighth eliminated from BBB 23 (Globo). After her elimination, the volleyball player went to talk to Vivian Amorim and Patricia Ramos at Bate-Papo BBB, which takes place on Globoplay. During the chat, the presenters talked about some subjects and, mainly, about the sister’s relationship with Gustavo.

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When watching the scenes under the duvet with Gustavo, she gets embarrassed and says: “Oh, no. I spared myself from seeing that. My father must have gone crazy, people”. The presenters take advantage and ask if there was sex inside the house and Key says: “It was on the side”

The sister also comments on plans to marry the farmer: “It’s my dream to really get married, someone who will stay with me forever”. And she has already chosen one of the godparents: “Boninho has to be our godfather, at least”.

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Key takes the opportunity to talk about the moment he committed religious intolerance with Fred Nicácio. Embarrassed, she apologizes and says she doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake. “These are things that shouldn’t be said inside Big Brother”. Patricia Ramos cuts the volleyball player off and corrects her: “These are subjects that should not be said either in Big Brother or in life”

Source: Folha

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