The list of problems caused by presence is endless of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the coronation ceremony of King Charles, let alone when the couple makes special demands.

According to a leaked report from Buckingham, Harry and Meghan are demanding a seat on the Palace balcony and official and public recognition of their children’s titles during the process.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex – who recently received their invitations to the May 6 ceremony – are still considering whether to travel to Britain for Charles’ coronation.

Harry and Meghan are mainly interested in the role of their children – the Prince Archiewho will be 4 years old on the day his grandfather is crowned king, and 1 Princess Lilibet.

It is heard that in the invitation there is no reference with their titles, in fact, to the children of the couple and grandchildren of Karolos. “The palace is trying to complete the negotiations as quickly as possible. All this could lead to chaos,” said an unnamed source from the Palace environment.

“What the Sussexes are pushing for is to join the rest of the family at the Palace later that day,” he added.
“It’s also Prince Archie’s birthday on coronation day, so they’d like some sort of nod to that at a lunch or drinks reception. Even if it’s just a birthday reference.”