BBB 23: Domitila dreams of ex-sisters reappearing in the garden: ‘Something will happen’


Domitila Barros surprised the BBB 23 brothers and viewers with a vision. During the afternoon of this Tuesday (21), the model shared with her confinement colleagues that she had a dream, the night before, that Key Alves and Larissa would be in the garden and needed their help.

“In the dream, I was presenting something and Key and Larissa were part of it, they were here in the backyard. Then Key stayed, and Larissa ran away and fell. I ran after Larissa and this man in white arrived with a trunk with veil inside, blue veil. Then I went to the trunk and he said: ‘It’s not the trunk, it’s the other present’. When I went to the other present, it was a very tattered bag of white corn “, she narrated.

After finishing telling the story, Domitila showed discomfort: “I went to Paredão with Key, I went to Paredão with Larissa, so now something is going to happen”.

On social media, the public was shocked by the sight. After all, in this Tuesday’s hot seat, Domitila faces Fred and Gabriel Santana in a different dynamic: the eliminated will be taken to Casa do Reencontro, where Larissa, Key Alves, Fred Nicácio, Gustavo, Cristian, Paula, Tina, Gabriel and Marília will be .

Two former players will return to the BBB 23, after a new popular vote.

Source: Folha

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