Giovanna Ewbank responds to criticism after her son says he wants to return to Malawi: ‘It makes me proud’


Giovanna Ewbank, 36, used social networks to talk about her son Bless’s desire to return to Malawi, the country in which he was born, and countered criticisms made by Internet users. “To the judges, I am not at all surprised that my son said he would like to return to Malawi. That makes me proud,” she wrote. Her husband, Bruno Gagliasso, also commented: “We are raising our children to be proud of their origins and ancestry.”

Bless’ speech took place during a conversation between mother and son, shared in “Vida no Rancho”, a video series that portrays Ewbank’s routine alongside her husband and children. In the episode’s excerpt, the two are playing video games and the actress questions which super power her son would choose to have. “Back in time,” replies Bless. “Back to where I was born.”

Ewbank, in the video, is surprised by his son’s response, but continues to talk to him about the matter. “To Malawi? And why would you want to go back there?” he asks. “To see what it’s like. I don’t remember anything,” says Bless. The actress also says that the family can visit Malawi if he wants to remember details about his homeland. The son then changes his mind about power and they stop talking about the African country.

The video circulated on social networks and, this Friday (6), Ewbank spoke on the subject. “In the last episode of Vida no Rancho, Bless tells me that he would like to have a superpower: going back in time. And where? To Africa. This is a recurring subject in our house. We always go to Malawi, we stop in the pandemic but soon we will be back in our children’s country,” he wrote on Twitter.

She also said that returning to the country is a wish of the whole family, because “it was there that we became parents, we found each other and recognized each other”. According to the actress, while they are not traveling to Malawi, she and Gagliasso share memories, references and videos of their experiences there with their children.

“To the judges: I am not at all surprised that my son said he would like to return to Malawi. This makes me proud. What surprises me is his depth, his sensitivity. As his ancestry is powerful and explicit in this speech and this never I’ll be able to understand. Bless was playing when I asked what super power he wanted to have. In addition to wanting to remember more about his origin, which is super normal, he talks about the cure. Which child would choose this one, being a fan of so many superheroes like him yeah. Why not flying? Being invisible? Yes. That’s my son!”, he said.

She complements by saying that the son is free to say everything he feels and that he will always be welcomed for that. “The motherhood I chose was to give power to my son, to never erase his story, but to strengthen it. The upbringing we give, and which does not concern anyone, is always looking for the best so that he builds his story in a deep and solid way . Without forgetting your roots, knowing who you are.”

Source: Folha

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