BBB 23: Former participants tell plans for the future in reunion; check out


The reunion between the former BBB 23 (Globo) participants took place this Wednesday (26) at Multishow. But for those who were expecting “bullshit” and exchanges of barbs between the brothers, they ended up having to watch a lukewarm program with a “good vibes” vibe, as Domitila says.

Bruno de Luca and Ana Clara ran the edition of “A Eliminação” and tried to rescue some backstage gossip and controversy, but internet users commented that they expected more. “I thought that at least Ana Clara would show some more interesting VT’s, but they are the same silly things as always”, wrote @iorctizei. The presenters even tried to find out if something is going on between Tina and Gabriel Fop, but the two deny that they are a new couple.

Gustavo and Key Alves were also seen closer backstage at Rede Globo, but the former couple denies that they have returned and reveals that only friendship remained between them. “Leave him there in the agro and I in the city”, said the volleyball player.

But after all, what are the plans of the former participants? Many took advantage of the moment of the program to publicize themselves. Marília, Key Alves, Ricardo Alface said they intend to continue in the entertainment universe. Domitila revealed that she intends to pursue a singing career, spoke about her film in Cannes and that she would like to be a presenter. Tina and Gustavo revealed that they are taking an oratory course with the same teacher and want to become professional in the field of communication.

The truth is that many opportunities will appear for all of them. Even Jade Picon, former sister of BBB 22, appeared to highlight this. The influencer left reality and won a prominent role in the soap opera “Travessia”. “The program experience itself is a blonde, but the post is crazy too. The opportunities are endless. Play yourselves!”, she said.

And the big winner? Amanda took advantage of the program to sting some brothers who called her a “plant” and said: “Being a plant is subjective, right? There are people who thought I was a plant in the game, and I won. , but please out here.”

This Wednesday morning (26), at breakfast with Ana Maria Braga, Amanda countered criticism she received from Fred Nicácio, who called her a “plant” numerous times. “I think anything he says says more about him than it does about me, I have a great impression of Fred, I think he’s a fill-in-the-box person, it’s a vision he has for me, I played my way “, he said.

Source: Folha

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