Kanye West Says He Was Barred From Entering Kim’s House With His Kids


The good relationship that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian seemed to maintain after their divorce may have gone awry. The rapper, who now goes by the name Ye, said in an interview that he was prevented from entering his ex’s house when he arrived with his children from school.

“When I went to pick up my kids, the security guard stopped me at the gate. He stood between me and my kids, and that wasn’t going to happen. But I didn’t want to argue. So I relaxed, took my kids to school and then took them back.” , he said, according to the website TMZ.

Also according to the musician’s reports, the couple’s eldest daughter, North, nine years old, would have asked him to enter the house, but he said he couldn’t, but left a message for Kim with security, from whom no one will stand between him and his children.

Ye reportedly also hinted, in the interview, that his presence was unwelcome because her ex’s current boyfriend, Pete Davidson, would be on the property. The statement, however, would have made Kim furious, as the couple’s children don’t even know Pete yet.

According to sources heard by the website Page Six, Pete does not go to his girlfriend’s house and whenever he visits her in Los Angeles, he prefers to stay at a hotel in Beverly Hills, where she has been seen with him. The same sources point out that Ye’s accusations are false.

In addition to the heat with Kim Kardashian, Ye also got into trouble with a fan this week. According to the American press, he would have pushed and punched a fan in the early hours of Thursday (13), in Los Angeles.

The rapper later claimed that he assaulted the man because he was not a real fan, but took his autograph to sell. “This is the same as the paparazzi, it’s not a fan, it’s someone who is using my image and has probably never heard my music.”


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