A revolutionary cannot be a classic at the same time. But with Tsarouhis it is possible“, he had stated Odysseus Elytis for Yannis Tsarouhis, one of the most important Greek artists of the 20th century. In fact, Tsarouchis was moving along two lines: The neoclassical tendency, which tries to assimilate the ancient Greek ideal, and its absolute objection.

With works inspired by Greek tradition, mythology and the beauty of the human body known for their intense color, rich texture and poetic mood, the pioneering artist left a significant legacy on Greek culture. Acclaimed painter, stage designer, costume designer, writer and translator, Yannis Tsarouhis was simply stating “researcher”.

I believe that I am a researcher, looking to find in myself my true faith and in my works the way that would be most in line with myself… We must know how to interpret good examples according to our case, otherwise they become destructive“, the artist himself had said in 1987.

His works, groundbreaking for their time, helped change the way we see art through modernism and the sexuality that permeated his creations. Tsarouchis pushed the boundaries of tolerance towards homosexuality and became an important representative of the Greek gay community. His works were often inspired by his personal experience and “broke” many taboos, without him having to make any official comment. Public acceptance and recognition of his work made him one a real star of his time.

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