MC Cabelinho and Bella Campos: brands take advertisements with the duo off the air after the breakup


Gabriel Vaquer

The end of the relationship between actress Bella Campos and singer and actor MC Cabelinho had an impact on the billing of the now ex-couple. Cheetos, a snack brand produced by the giant PepsiCo, withdrew from circulation a piece of advertising recorded by the two and which was released on the last 16th by the company.

Posts were deleted from social networks and the advertisement for the internet and television stopped circulating.

In the commercial, Bella tasted the snack while MC Cabelinho showed a picture made with her hair. He debuted a look with his shaved blonde locks. The actress appeared with sticky fingers of Cheetos and smiled at the camera in an embarrassed way, as if she hadn’t liked her boyfriend’s surprise. In addition to Cabelinho and Bella, the campaign, which was aimed at a young audience, has influencers such as Thati Lopes in other recorded versions that are still being promoted.

Until the morning of this past Wednesday (30), the commercial was still in the Cheetos feed and on the official YouTube. It was deleted shortly thereafter. There was no request from Bella Campos or MC Cabelinho’s team. The decision to take the commercial off the air was the company’s.

wanted by F5Cheetos declined to comment.

There were other companies interested in having the young and cool couple MC Cabelinho and Bella Campos as their poster boys, as is the case of the multinational Procter & Gamble, which has in its portfolio almost a hundred products related to house cleaning and hair care. and with the skin. P&G declined to hire them.

Bella Campos announced the end of the relationship last Monday (30). “Until now, I was waiting for a public position from MC Cabelinho about rumors of betrayal, but men, in general, are exempt from this questioning and we, women, always need to explain if we are going to get married, have children, separate”, she said. on the social networks.

Jenifer from Globo’s soap opera “Vai na Fé” (2023) stated that the two are no longer together “due to obvious reasons”.

On Sunday (27), before the breakup was confirmed and amid the rumors, Cabelinho paid tribute to Bella during a show with the song he made for her, with images of the actress on a big screen. The two had been dating since October of last year and Bella had gotten a tattoo of his name days before the end of the relationship.

Source: Folha

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