With a dancing mood and “YMCA” started today’s Gala in which players from the previous season participated in a guest role!

THE Katerina Karavatou announced her final retirement Christina Bita from the competition and then the set was flooded with the glamorous looks of the fashionistas. Each contestant curated her own look as well as the guest appearance, with the theme, Disco!

Georgia took over the look of Georgina Moraitis so that they could go together to the start of the Carnival in Patras, eliciting various comments, while as a result the look she created for Georgina was considered better than the one she prepared for her.

Mortasia had to edit Christianna Katsieri’s appearance for a Grace Jones themed party.

Dionysia worked on Nicole Despotopoulou’s look so they could attend a themed company event together.

Eleana had to create with Seleni Fotiadis as her model who commented with humor: “I can now say everything I have a stylist!” referring to Eleana.
Amanda styled Reina Veneti for a record label themed party. Christiana went to a party with Irida Paputsis on the way back but they had to take the dog for a walk and that’s what they did!

Apolleon had to create on the outfit of last year’s winner Olga Kotlida, with whom she is friends from Thessaloniki.

Deni took over Melda Saini’s look so they could go together to a casting for… disco dancers. But what was commented on the most was Melda’s behavior backstage and how much she followed Deni’s instructions. And while Melda’s look was not considered successful, she heard the best comments about her own outfit.
Vasileianna took over Irini Kazaki’s outfit to inaugurate their own Disco in Manhattan and soon the set was on fire!

Amanda Manolakou was in the highest position of the ranking for the second time in her participation this year!

In the lowest positions were Mortasiathe Dionysia and the Christiana and were nominated for withdrawal. The rest of the contestants were asked to vote for who they wanted to stay, with the process leading to a tie.

Finally, Stelios Koudounaris announced the jury’s decision that Dionysia would continue in the competition.

Then the judges gave their vote to the contestant they wanted to remain with Stelios Koudounaris supporting Christianna, Sofia Hatzipanteli and Dimitris Skoulos voted for Mortasia and thus Christianna Kontou left the competition.


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