A Fazenda 15: Justice orders Record to pay Lucas Souza’s debt to lawyer


Gabriel Vaquer

The 26th Civil Court of the TJ-SP (Court of Justice of São Paulo) determined that Record be summoned to execute the payment of a debt of R$3,600 owed to Lucas Souza, a participant in the reality show A Fazenda 15, where he is confined at the moment.

O F5 had access to the documents. The request was made by lawyer Fernando Ângelo Carbone, who provided services to Jojo Toddynho’s ex-husband. Carbone went to court for not having received the due amount of fees.

The execution request takes into account the fee that was paid to him to participate in the reality show presented by Adriane Galisteu, or in prizes that he may receive for exams won.

The subpoena will arrive at the address of Edir Macedo’s broadcaster, in the Barra Funda neighborhood, west of São Paulo. If the broadcaster refuses, the Court ordered that the TV accounts be blocked to debit the amount owed by Souza.

Confined since September in A Fazenda 15, Lucas Souza is an Economics student. Graduated in administration, the 22-year-old businessman and digital influencer is from the city of Passos, in the interior of Minas Gerais, but lives in Curitiba (PR).

The student joined the program because of his relationship with funk singer and law student Jojo Todynho. Souza met the singer during a trip and they married after a whirlwind courtship.

The marriage lasted less than a year and ended in a turbulent way, with exchanges of barbs between the two on social media. Within the reality show, Souza says he misses spending time with his ex-lover.

Record does not comment on court decisions.

Source: Folha

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