BBB 22: Maíra Cardi reacts to Jade’s victory: ‘The mocking face irritates me’


Jade Picon, 20, was the winner of the leader’s race for the second week in a row this Thursday (10), and the result ended up not pleasing the influencer Maíra Cardi, 38, wife of Arthur Aguiar, 32, who is the current one. Jade’s “rival” at BBB 22 (Globo).

Cardi used social media to comment on Jade’s leadership and I don’t spare faces and mouths, being very honest with her opinion about the new leader. The “weight loss entrepreneur”, as she calls herself, was also ironic when talking about Jade’s choices, who had to divide the house into VIP and xepa.

“The mocking face she makes for him [Arthur] It irritates me so much, that’s it”, said Maíra Cardi in her first reaction. “I take my hat off to her, she was a player now. Obviously it wasn’t out of affection that she chose these people, right? Congratulations, my love. Great player,” she pinned.

Jade took Tiago Abravanel, Pedro Scooby, Paulo André, Bárbara and Laís to the VIP. Arthur Aguiar is very close to Silvio Santos’ grandson and also to Luana Piovani’s ex-husband.

“Each one plays as he can, each plays as he knows, each makes his own rules. Each one also gives what they have, who has shit gives shit. Who has flowers gives flowers. It’s the game of life,” said Cardi.

“Did she not realize that she was putting Tiago in an unpleasant situation? Did she not touch herself? I don’t think so… I don’t think she did it on purpose, poor thing. It was in the heat of emotion”, his wife joked even more. of Arthur.

The rivalry between Jade Picon and Arthur Aguiar is making the rounds here. With the last wall on Tuesday (8), which ended in the elimination of Naiara Azevedo with 57.77% of the votes, and made clear the crowd for Arthur, who received only 3.27%, the names of the participants were among the most talked about topics on Twitter.

The speech of presenter Tadeu Schmidt, 47, who insisted on warning the house that Arthur “was far from leaving”, also spiced up the dispute even more.

Maíra Cardi even considered suing Jade Picon over a post shared on the influencer’s social media. A post by psychoanalyst Manuela Xavier said that Arthur Aguiar practiced gaslightinga term used to refer to violence and psychological manipulation – which she called “disease”, thus being a crime of slander.

Cardiu even invaded a live stream of Leo Picon, 25, Jade’s older brother, to warn about the complaint. The embarrassing moment gave rise to talk and generated even greater discomfort among the fans.

The post was soon deleted by the administrators of Jade’s networks. Maíra Cardi then dropped the lawsuit, but stated that she would continue to seek punishment for the “criminal” post.

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