“My mom cooks better than yours” and today Markos welcomes two couples, ready for victory, while in addition to cooking, the menu has birthday cake, annoying phone calls, clarinet and even folk songs!

Watch the trailer:

Maria and Giannis managed last time to beat their opponents with their first dish. Today, Maria has a special surprise in store for Giannis for his birthday – a cake with a dedication… all meaning. This time they are cooking “chicken kebab with sauce and fries” in the hope of winning for the second time.

Their opponents, also a couple, Sylvia and Apostolis. The two met at work and the first thing Apostolis asked Sylvia was if she heard a clarinet… They think they have the win in their pocket and go into the kitchen to cook “chicken burgers with salad”.

The couples get carried away by the surprises and the songs and don’t focus on the cooking so the dishes that reach Hector are disappointing. But one of the two will win the 1,000 euros of the episode.