BBB 24: After rumors that Bia was a ‘fake’ street vendor, the web rescues photos of the sister working


Time and again, the web insinuates that Beatriz’s previous life as a street vendor was fake. The family itself decided to publish some images of the BBB 24 participant working in the central region of the city selling things like flowers and fruit.

There are some theories that, in reality, she was a model and even (believe me), she would have purposely removed her contact lenses to embody a more humble character.

On Wednesday night (28), her party was entirely based on her life as a street vendor, which also generated some memes (see below).

Bia has also been a store advertiser in the Brás region. Those who lived closely with the trader guarantee that this is just her way and deny that she is exaggerating or pushing herself to stand out on the program. Alessandra Vieira, 43, worked with Beatriz at Brás, and says that she is, indeed, charismatic, extroverted, and a great salesperson.

“She did it like this: she came to the store, put on some clothes and walked around the mall showing the look. When she came back, she brought several customers,” he says, in conversation with the F5. Alessandra’s last conversation with her was on December 27, when her sister wished her a merry Christmas: “I love you, all the best to us.”

“She is very humble and a warrior. She would come here on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and arrive at 1 am. And there’s never bad weather, she talks to your face. Once a client came by and complained about her voice. She didn’t even call and I said I was going to keep talking the same way”, he laughs.

Source: Folha

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