BBB 24: Davi and Leidy fight during the live broadcast: ‘You do exactly what people want’


Davi and Leidy started a discussion live on BBB 24, even without participating in Sincerão this Monday (11). This was the second discussion between the two participants that started because of the dynamics.

The sister said that her brother does household chores to throw it in other people’s faces and called him manipulative. The Bahian responded and said that if that were true, he would have ended up on the wall.

The two changed their voices and Leidy said, “we are black. And you do exactly what people want”, he said. “You’re a short woman,” David retorted.

At Sincerão, the participants selected to create a fairy tale. The leader Beatriz and the companions Isabelle, Lucas and Yasmin participated in the dynamic.

Bia even chose Alane to narrate her story and Lucas gave Pitel a chance to write a story.

The six cast the cast in seven different roles. The vampire, the jester, sleeping beauty, the master, the faithful squire, the big bad wolf and the bad witch. The dynamics were similar to last week, but instead of stories there were films.

See the fairy tales

Once upon a time, Beatriz. The sister placed Lucas as a vampire, considered MC Bin Laden a jester and said that Yasmin is a sleeping beauty. Bia said that she is the master of her story and Alane, her faithful squire. In the villainous role, Giovanna was the bad wolf and Fernanda the witch in her fairy tale.

Once upon a time, Lucas. The brother placed himself as master of BBB 24 and said that Leidy is his faithful squire. He considers Isabelle a vampire who circulates between groups other than the house to extract information. Lucas mistakenly put Bin as a jester and corrected himself. The teacher said that it was Matteus who should be the fool. Beatriz is his sleeping beauty and considered Davi a wizard and Alane an evil wolf.

Once upon a time, Isabelle. The dancer said that she is the master of her story and the “warrior David” is her faithful squire. The sister considers Lucas a vampire strategist and MC Bin Laden a jester for hanging out with those who vote for him. Pitel is a witch to Isabelle and Fernanda is an evil wolf.

Once upon a time, Yasmin. The model also places herself as the master of her narrative with strategies that don’t work. For her, Isabelle is a vampire and Matteus, a jester. Brunet said that Beatriz is a court jester that there was the vice leader Davi, the wizard in her story. Leidy is his faithful squire and Alane is his big bad wolf.

Once upon a time, Alane. The sister thinks her brother sucks energy and is therefore a vampire. The woman from Pará said that Leidy is a court jester, Yasmin a sleeping beauty. She considers herself master of the BBB and Beatriz, her faithful squire. Alane considers Fernanda an evil wolf and said she is a fitness villain and Pitel a witch.

Once upon a time, Pitel. For the social worker, Matteus bites and blows in the role of vampire. The sister said that Beatriz is a court jester and that the feeling of being with her on the reality show is the same as being in a commercial. Isabelle is the sleeping beauty of her story. She considers herself the master of her story and has Fernanda as her faithful squire. On the team of villains, the woman from Alagoas placed Davi as the big bad wolf and Alane as the witch.

Source: Folha

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