One of the most beautiful cities in Greece, the Janinaare visited by “Neighborhoods in Piato» and o Dimitris Skarmoutsoss, the Saturday, April 13u on 16.45.

They are spread around Lake Pamvotida and have received many cultural influences which make up their unique character.

The tour of Ioannina does not start from a restaurant but from a workshop where the most important kitchen tools, knives, are made by hand. THE “End» started the business many years ago by initially making shears for shearing sheep. The new generation that succeeded him, developed the business now producing agricultural tools and handmade knives which travel all over the world.

Followed by “Hull» with the famous lamb and goat with potatoes that is simmered for hours under the traditional cast iron shell, full of coals.

It is followed by “Viko“, a Greek family business founded in 1990. Today it has 4 state-of-the-art factories, where three of them bottle water and produce soft drinks while the fourth one produces bottles and caps.

The next stop is at “Velogiannis“, a shop that has more than a century of history. The Velogiannis brothers started making loukoumia in 1905 and four generations later their products are better than ever! Small, soft delights in various flavors sprinkled with powdered sugar that melt in the mouth.

A neat kitchen is also the last stop of this visit to Ioannina, the “Blow Rufa». In his kitchen, the fire is lit early, the ovens are heated and his pots are prepared to offer locals and passers-by a huge variety of fresh, home-cooked food.

The return to studio in Athens he brings two delicious recipes from Dimitris Skarmoutsos: fries with ground beef and cheddar and twisted cheese pie with feta cheese and vegetables.

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See you next week in another neighborhood!