Larissa Manoela becomes a marketing case on the beach: ‘Mom, give me money to buy some corn’


Ana Cora Lima

One of the most talked about family disputes in recent times became a marketing case in Rio de Janeiro. Larissa Manoela is the involuntary poster girl for a corn seller who travels along the beaches of the south zone.

Wearing a shirt with the phrase “Mother, give me money to buy some corn”, Geovane da Silva Adão is drawing attention to his business due to the insight he had about the actress’s drama.

Larissa broke her relationship with her parents (Silvana Tasques and Gilberto Elias) who had total control of her career and finances. She said that she didn’t know how much she earned and needed to ask for money even for very simple situations… like buying corn on the beach. In an audio leaked in August last year, the actress asks her father for money. “Can you make a transfer to my account so I can pay for corn, ice cream, mate here on the beach, please?”

“My stall is giving people something to talk about”, jokes Geovane, who switched from selling hot dogs to corn at the end of 2023. The idea of ​​using Larissa Manoela as a lure for her business came about three months ago. He tells F5 that he is a fan of the actress but didn’t follow the family fuss closely, “but I heard that she had fought with her parents over money. Me and Brazil, right?”, he jokes.

A resident of Rocha Miranda, a suburb of Rio, Geovane only studied up to the 1st year of high school, but he likes reading about business and says he dreamed of a photo of the actress in his tent. “The next day I went to an acquaintance’s print shop and asked to make the shirt and come up with a phrase. The boy started coming up with ideas and so did I. In the end it ended up being ‘Mom, give me money to buy some corn’.

Geovane’s entrepreneurship and creativity were successful on the web. A video in which he is standing by the sea, on Copacabana beach, with his shirt and tent printed with his face and the phrase created in the printing shop ended up going viral — and he is now sure that he really has a knack for the business .

“I don’t have a degree, but I was born ready (laughs). When I see something that can make money, a certain profit, I keep that in mind and then I try to find out everything about it. I’ve sold everything, but now I’m focusing on corn “.

Source: Folha

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