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Opinion – Cannabis Inc.: CFM tightens enforcement on Cannabis prescription


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Since the cannabis medicinal product began to be imported with authorization from Anvisa (Sanitary Surveillance Agency), in 2014, the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine) published a rule that determines how and when this substance should be prescribed by professionals. Last Friday, 14, the regulatory body for the exercise of the medical profession updated the determinations on the subject, which resulted in an even stricter orientation.

This is resolution 2,324/22, which authorizes the use of CBD (Cannabidiol, a substance derived from cannabis non-psychoactive), for the treatment of epilepsy in children and adolescents refractory to conventional drugs. See below what has been maintained and what has changed.

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remains the same

  • Contrary to what the doctors expected, the norm maintained the indication of cannabis only as antispasmodic for epileptic patients. In the day to day of the offices, it is prescribed for the relief of cancer pain, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, depression and anxiety, for example. Research indicates that the cannabis has great effectiveness in diseases of neurological origin. But this type of prescription can generate a lawsuit to the professional, which already happens.
  • An important substance in the composition of the treatment of diseases such as fibromyalgia, the THC (Tetrahydrocannabidiol, another derivative of cannabis) continues to have the prescription prohibited, despite the fact that there is already a product on the market with THC and CBD, in equal proportions, approved by Anvisa

Has changed

  • For the patient the only novelty is that he will have to sign a disclaimer, mandatory for all people who leave the office with a CBD prescription in hand. It is a statement of science that cannabidiol is not free from risks and health problems and that it can cause allergic reactions.
  • THE drop in prescribing restrictions for neurologists and psychiatrists is the only advance. Currently, doctors from different specialties use the cannabis medicinal use in the treatment of patients, which caused warnings and lawsuits by the CRMs (Regional Councils of Medicine), supervisory bodies, which respond to the CFM. That part, at least, has been resolved.
  • Cannabis medicine courses and lectures are prohibited from taking place outside congresses with organizers linked to the AMB (Brazilian Medical Association). Currently, there are numerous specific platforms for courses in cannabis medicinal. Lives on social media of doctors about cannabis therapy are also frequent, which has been helping a lot in the dissemination of quality information about a treatment, which is still new for the majority of the population.
    On the other hand, it is known that there is an abusive positioning on social networks by some CBD laboratories. The new rule, according to lawyers in the field, is also a response to medical malpractice, on the part of a minority. In fact, with this, the CFM announces that inspection will increase even more, especially on social networks, which tends to be seen as a lawless territory.
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