New study: Physical exercise increases the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines


Fully vaccinated individuals who exercised more than 150 minutes per week had a nearly three times lower risk of hospitalization due to Covid-19 than unexercised and physically inactive vaccinated individuals. Moderate exercisers had almost one and a half times less risk.

The more frequent and intense physical exercise and more generally active a person is, the greater the effectiveness and protection of vaccines against Covid-19 seems to be, new scientific research shows.

The scientists point out that there is now convincing evidence that the regular physical activity helps to reduce the consequences of severe Covid-19, as well as to reduce the risk of hospitalization, intensive care unit intubation or death due to coronavirus. The new study additionally shows that frequent physical exercise also helps to improve the protection provided by vaccines.

The researchers, led by Professor Ion Patritsios of the School of Health Sciences of the South African University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, who made the relevant publication in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, they analyzed data for 53,771 people with low levels of physical activity (up to 60 minutes per week), 62,721 with moderate levels (60 to 150 minutes) and 79,952 with high levels (more than 150 minutes per week). At the same time, data was analyzed regarding their vaccination against the coronavirus and its effectiveness, based on whether or not they had been diagnosed positive for Covid-19.

The study appreciate that in the fully vaccinated the vaccine effectiveness (reduction in risk of hospitalization) was 60% in the low-level exercise/activity group, 72% in the moderate-level group, and 86% in the high-level exercise/activity group.

The fully vaccinated who exercised more than 150 minutes per week had almost ttimes lower risk of hospitalization due to Covid-19, in relation to the unfit and physically inactive vaccinated. Moderate exercisers had almost one and a half times less risk.

It is not entirely clear how physical activity enhances the effectiveness of vaccines, but researchers estimate that “it is probably a combination of increased antibody levels, enhanced T-cell immune protection and psychosocial factors.”

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