The contract was signed by the Minister of Shipping Christos Stylianidis and the general manager of Viking Norsafe Life-Saving Equipment Hellas Ioannis Georgiadis for the supply of eleven vessels to the Coast Guard suitably configured with sanitary equipment, over 11m in length.

The Marine Department says in a statement that the Coast Guard undertakes almost daily patient transport and the integration of this equipment is instrumental in saving lives. The specific boats will be available in Thassos, Psara, Agios Efstratios, Fournos, Kea, Leipsos, Kasos, North Evia, Zakynthos, Sfakia and Ierapetra.

Today’s signing of the contract is an important step, on the one hand for strengthening the operational capabilities of the Port Authority and on the other for the even more effective protection of public health, which is consistently one of the state’s central goals“, emphasized the Minister of Shipping.

Mr. Stylianides added that strengthening the Coast Guard’s health capabilities will contribute decisively to the sense of security and ultimately to the very well-being of our citizens, especially those who decide to live and produce in island or remote areas.

The contract, for a total amount of 6,598,900 euros, is co-financed by national and European resources (Instrument of Financial Support for Border Management and Visa Policy-MDSTH of the Fund for Integrated Border Management 2021-2027) and arose as a tangible result of the close cooperation and the coordinated efforts of all the agencies involved.

According to the Ministry of Shipping, the boats will be made of specially reinforced synthetic materials. The superstructure will have a special weathertight door of suitable dimensions to allow the entry of a special wheeled patient transport stretcher up to the specially designed patient compartment of the vessel.

The propulsion of the boats is achieved by two main inboard-outboard diesel engines (DIESEL) of the marine type. They will have a maximum speed of over 40 knots and a range of over 300 nautical miles at their economic speed at full load. They will also maintain their full operational capability under adverse weather conditions.