Plevris is shocking: I was afraid of intubation – I did not want to die without greeting my children


In one shocking confession proceeded the Minister of Health, Thanos Plevrisspeaking to Mega, on the occasion of “nosocomial infections”.

«If we go back in time to 2016, when this happened with the nosocomial infection, I will tell you that I did not know the extent of this phenomenon. “I did not even know the danger, the extent that unfortunately in our country is much more than the European average, but also that every day – according to the data – we lost 10 people”, said Mr. Plevris, who had suffered a few years ago sepsis and fought to stay alive.

«The experience of intubation is experiential, and it is experiential to feel that suddenly, while you are healthy, while you are 39 years old, while you say that my leg is slightly swollen and it is not something terrible, I get sepsis and it can not be treatedHe pointed out.

As he confessed, was very scared at the time of intubation. «I could understand that intubation is a no-return chapter. At that moment all I felt was that I wanted to greet my children. I could not greet them. ”

He added: “If I could see my children, I would not die without seeing them. Then I was in repression. The next thing I remember is waking up, realizing I was alive, and all I cared about was living».

As he explained “I realized that one was to blame infection I got inside the hospital, a staph. For some reason it passed into my blood, through some medical operations that took place».

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