Video documentary from the murder in Gerakas – What an eyewitness who met the executors says


The video shows the businessman parking his luxury vehicle, disembarking and as soon as he walks a few meters, the executors get out of the van and “graze” him with a Kalashnikov.

Investigations continue for the murder of the owner of a gas station in Gerakas. The perpetrators in the white van seem to have rehearsed the attack the day before. This emerges from a witness who came face to face with the criminals and who spoke exclusively to Alexandros Kalafatis.

At the same time, a video documentary provided by ERT shows the 38-year-old businessman’s luxury car being followed by the white van of the perpetrators. The businessman parks his luxury vehicle, disembarks and as soon as he walks a few meters, the executors get out of the van and “graze” him with a Kalashnikov.

The video-documentary reveals the organized plan of the murderers, who abandoned and burned the white van about 500 meters from the gas station, on a quiet street in Pallini. A day earlier, at the same spot where the van burned, the perpetrators came face to face with a passing citizen, who spoke to ERT on condition of anonymity.

“They had opened the back doors of the van, they had some things inside, I saw a couple of cans. One of them was 55-60 years old, he was not older, he was thin, he looked like a worker, one fuller and one thinner. The others were younger, 45 years old “, he stressed.

The eyewitness accidentally met the perpetrators at 9.00 on Friday morning. A day later he learned of the murder and the arson of the vehicle and immediately his mind went to the three mysterious men, who are estimated to have spied on the area.

“I believe that they came and prepared. This car is definitely, the car is what I saw on Friday morning. “One was on the side of the road and the other was further in,” said the witness.

Tomorrow, relatives and friends will say their last goodbyes to the 38-year-old businessman, father of two.

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