Karamanlis: At the end of 2023, the Thessaloniki Metro will be delivered for use


This is a project that will really change the city, it will improve the everyday life of the citizens, said the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.

In the final phase is the project of the implementation of the Thessaloniki metro, which will be delivered for use at the end of 2023, while its operation will change the shape of the city and significantly improve the everyday life of the citizens. This was emphasized by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Kostas Karamanlisafter his tour of the project’s Control and Operation Center, located in Pylaia.

The minister was accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Giorgos Karagiannis, while upon his arrival at the station he was greeted by the president of Attiko Metro SA Nikos Tachiaos and the managing director Nikos Kouretas, the general manager for the contractor Panagiotis Korakitis and the president and managing director of Aktora Christos Panagiotopoulos. The tour was also attended by representatives of the consortium member of the contractor Hitachi Ansaldo.

“Today we have the great pleasure of being at the depot at the new offices of Attiko Metro and at the operation control center. As you can see, the test routes have now started normally. We are in the final phase of a project, which – you will allow me to say – had become the shortest anecdote. A project that should have been completed many years ago, but was never done. This is a project that will really change the city, it will improve the everyday life of the citizens”, said Mr. Karamanlis.

Pointing out that from the first day of assuming his duties at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport “we set a very specific timetable”, Mr. Karamanlis noted that “it is rare to set a timetable for projects that are so complex. This is what we are sticking to and now even the most skeptical are finding that this work is being completed.”

During the tour of the Thessaloniki metro depot, which is 1,200 square meters and will employ around 350 people, information was given on how the movement of the 18 trains that will run without a driver will be controlled electronically, and it was pointed out that the routes will be scheduled every night and the train will start on its own in the morning.

Mr. Karamanlis also emphasized that the Thessaloniki metro station is one of the most modern in Europe and will be an ornament not only for the city, but for all of Greece, repeating that with its completion it proves that “in the city we can have both ancient and metro”.

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