“Everything was done for revenge, by women who failed to get a role,” Filippidis’ wife testified in court


Elpida Ninou took the witness stand and defended her husband, breaking down in tears during her cross-examination

“Petros is not in a hurry. Everything was done to impeach him and to take revenge on women who failed to get a role.” said in her testimony before the Joint Jury n Nino’s hopehusband of the defendant for three cases of sexual violence, Petrou Filippidis.

The wife of the famous actor and cult leader, who is on trial for one rape and two attempted rapes against three of his colleagues, took the witness stand today, defending the accused.

Ms. Ninou at the start of her testimony disputed the merits of the complaints that the three actors have done against the accused and attributed the whole case, just like Petros Filippides in his apologetics, in an attempt to discredit him for reasons of publicity and revenge.

“Petros and I have had long personal discussions about these events. I will not say what I have said with my husband. But I will tell you that Petros is not a rapist. Everything was done for reasons of publicity and revenge.

People love Peter. Everything was done to impeach him as a man. And for revenge from some women who didn’t manage to get what they want. A role. We talk about a role all the time in here. He is a talented man. It has managed to be in people’s hearts. They destroyed him and now they want him dead. Along with him, they also destroyed my family,” said Ms. Ninou, among other things, in order to give her own version to the judges’ question about why the alleged victims chose to denounce her husband.

The witness, who appeared cool during most of her examination by the judges, she sobbed when asked if anyone had tipped her off for something she heard about her husband but also when she was asked to talk about her personal life with the chief.

Chairman: Has a partner ever come to tell you that he heard something? To protect you from something?

Witness: The people who approached me were people who licked us.

Juror: The extramarital affairs… You didn’t talk about it. Of course I separate them…

Witness: It’s my personal life. I’ve had a really hard time lately. They have spoiled me and Peter. I am a woman who honored my family and took care of my child. I stopped working. When I had my child, my life changed. Life is not pictures. Life is my child. I was present. My child has been here since the beginning and is standing by his mother and father.

The witness testified that she knew the first complainant, as the defendant had been working with her mother for six years and along the way had also met the alleged sufferer: “She was an intrusive girl”, said Mrs. Ninou who was asked by the Office why she characterizes the complainant “interventional”.

As Mrs. Ninou said, “She was wandering around the dressing rooms under the pretext of wanting to see her mother. Children of actors come to the theater, but not every day. It is not a meeting place. I had discussed with Peter’s associates that this was disturbing. He didn’t talk to me at all. Her mother would sneak her in through the back door while my husband had barred entry to anyone not related to the show.”

Mrs. Ninou ruled out the possibility that what the first complainant invokes would apply. Regarding the second and third complainants, the witness said that she did not know anything.


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