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SKAI Exclusive: Who is the ‘Mr Michalis’ mentioned by the 12-year-old – Close to identifying him


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A man by the name of “Mihalis” – the person who allegedly accompanied the 12-year-old girl on the dates arranged for her by 53-year-old Ilias Michos – is being sought by the authorities.

A man named Michalis – the person who allegedly accompanied her 12 years old girl on the romantic dates arranged for her by 53-year-old Ilias Michos the authorities are looking for – the authorities are looking for the case of rape and pimping of the 12-year-old girl in Column.

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“Mr. Michalis” was named by the minor girl in her first statement on September 17 to the Juvenile Protection Branch as the person who accompanied her to the clients’ vehicles.

According to exclusive information of Theodosis Panos in “Dekatians” of SKAI, the authorities are close to identifying him.

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The child referred to 53-year-old Michos as “Mr. Elias” and to this person as “Mr. Michalis”

“Mihalis” approached the 12-year-old initially through the dating app and then they start “chatting” through a profile of the girl on Instagram that “Mr. Elias” had created.

In fact, he was telling her that he could also accompany her to the appointment in the Sepoli metro and either he or Michos would advise her how to approach the customer each time

“either I or Mr. Ilias will tell you how to go to the car” he said to the girl.

These messages are under the microscope of investigations by the Protection of Minors and it appears that the 53-year-old was not acting alone.

Meanwhile, the police arrested one more person, a 33-year-old “customer”, while two men voluntarily presented themselves to the police, were examined under oath and left.

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